Conquest of Auroria Now Live!

The Conquest of Auroria has begun! Lead a glorious return to the lost continent of Auroria and prepare for castles, siege warfare, and more!

Read all about castles and sieges here and read the full patch notes here.

• Six new zones are now available for exploration, and four of them – Marcala, Calmlands, Heedmar, and Niumari – contain housing provinces that add 30% more land to ArcheAge.
• Guilds will be able to claim zones and construct castles in four of the new zones! Read more here.
• Serpentis, a new dungeon in Exeloch, is now available for adventurers.
• The Farm Wagon has been added to the game, this upgraded Farm Cart is capable of hauling four trade packs!
• New tiers of Hasla Weapons have been added to the game and require Gilda Dust as an additional component


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